Are you looking for new office IT setup services?

It’s VERY stressed for you to coordinate with different vendors and get them to work together for your new office.

Moreover, you’ve so many IT considerations for new office and have to make sure all IT equipment works well on time without any hiccup.

Fret not. We can help you.

You can relax and do more important stuff, while we settle the technology portion for your new office.

Later, you’ll get to see why engaging an IT specialist is better than doing it yourself, and how the whole process works for you.

FDCV Group

An Architectural & Interior Design company


Sun Synergy

A construction company. Leading in the development and design of abrasive slip resistant products


Forefront Logistics

Logistics Service Provider


Visata Creative

Retail Spaces Interior Designer



First, we start with a phone call or email and followed by a meeting with you. The initial meeting is a great time to understand your IT requirements and new office layout. We will also share with you IT best practices for the new office.


Once you approve our quote, we’ll work out a schedule and project plan for you. This schedule includes all the preparation work and summarises all the activation dates by third-party vendors (For eg., Telco and cabling vendor)


With the objectives and resources identified, our team will work closely with your office interior and contractor to ensure everything proceeds as planned. The IT setup for new office will be thoroughly tested and demonstrated to you.


  • Design, Planning & Configurations
  • Hardware & Software specifications
  • Infrastructure excutions